Thursday, November 7, 2019

Living in Calgary and Okotoks Art Gallery

I am so happy to live in Calgary now. We have been here for 4 months, met so many wonderful people, and had a lot of fun exploring the city even though we have been super busy. Everyone has adjusted well to their new schools and work. Moving is hard in many ways, but we are all excited to be here. What I like the most are friendly people and being able to escape to the mountains in less than an hour! We are fortunate to live near such natural beauty. I always feel humbled and in awe when I visit the mountains, no matter how many times I see the lakes and the peaks!

Last week I dropped off a few of my paintings and ornaments at the Okotoks Art Gallery. It is a lovely town, and the gallery had a great exhibit going on. Their Spirit of Christmas show will run from the next week for 6 weeks and there will be lots of goodies, ornaments and smaller paintings for sale. I will be at the gallery on the 15th during the tree lighting ceremony in Okotoks.

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