Sunday, December 27, 2020

Summary of 2020

 This year it snowed for Christmas and we have a nice thick blanket of snow for the holidays. Most of this year we spent in isolation due to Covid-19. I feel so fortunate to live close to some of the most magnificent natural beauty in the world. I love being in nature and life, in general, did not change that much for our family due to isolation. 

Everyone actually became more productive during the quarantine in our household, but I was not as productive with my painting as I initially planned for this year. 

I painted horses mainly this year - it is a theme I keep coming back to. I love painting horses. There are not many opportunities to show my art in Calgary this year - it is hard to find places to show in a new city anyway - but with Covid it has become impossible.  Hopefully, next year will return to normal and opportunities will come up in the future to show art locally. 

I am grateful to Okotoks Art Gallery for having a members' art show going on for 9 months - we were able to change our art 3 times - what a wonderful gallery and lovely people who care about local artists. If you get a chance to visit - please do - so many local artists have their work at the gallery.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and having a few days off to recharge, enjoy time with their family. I am optimistic about 2021 and looking forward to seeing our friends again in the New Year!
Cheers and a Happy New Year to all!

The Messenger of Immortality 12x24"